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Commute Options

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You have two commuter choices. You can travel alone or share a ride.  Shared commuting includes carpooling, vanpooling, riding public transportation. biking and/or walking with others.

You can share your commute with your friends, family, co-workers and fellow students. 

Pace RideShare is the designated Public Rideshare Administrator for Northeastern Illinois.  We can help you join or create a rideshare commute travel to or from Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry or Will county.  

Learn more about your options today:  


Bus and Train


Bike and Walking


For additional guidance or a personalized commuter plan, contact us at or 847-5-WE-POOL (847-593-7665). 


Share the cost. Share the fun. 

Ridesharing is beneficial for individuals and entire communities. 

The money you'll save from not driving solo is one of the best reasons to rideshare. Those who rideshare save on gasoline costs and other driving expenses such as parking, tolls and maintenance. In addition, some insurance companies offer discounts to people who rideshare or who are not driving their own vehicle daily. Ridesharing on a regular basis allows you to reduce the depreciation of your own vehicle or eliminate the need to own a car.  

In addition to saving money, ridesharing offers many more benefits:

  • Enjoy better health – You can squeeze in some extra calorie-burning exercise time by biking or walking daily to a public transportation or vanpool stop.
  • Use your commute time – When you leave the driving to someone else, you can have extra time to text, read, email or nap.
  • Help others travel – Invite someone to share a ride. Ridesharing will reduce your commuting costs while providing others with reliable transportation.
  • Connect with others – Ridesharing fosters new friendships and increases networking.  While traveling together, you have time to get to know each other and enjoy good conversation.
  •  Reduce traffic congestionEvery rideshare participant takes another car off the road. If we can fill open seats on a bus, train, car or van, we will have less traffic congestion. This will improve travel times, reduce fuel consumption and lower the cost of road repairs.
  • Improve air qualityRidesharing significantly reduces the amount of pollution a vehicle emits. If you cannot rideshare throughout the year, consider ridesharing in the summer when ozone levels are high. To learn more about daily air quality, sign-up for alerts at Illinois EnviroFlash.
  • Conserve energy Ridesharing optimizes fuel consumption. After all, a vehicle requires the same amount of gas to operate whether there are four commuters inside or only one.

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