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The Pace RideShare Registration Guide visually explains how to navigate to create a new account, optimize search abilities, register your carpool and generate a summary of financial and environmental savings resulting from sharing a ride compared to driving alone.

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Registration Questions and Answers


How does work?

The website analyzes your commute information to match you with other users and Pace vanpools.  You can then email matches through the message center to discuss carpooling and/or vanpooling arrangements.  Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. If your commute situation changes, you can edit or delete your account at any time. Please note that Pace does not hire carpool or vanpool drivers. Pace Vanpool drivers are already employed full time and are volunteering to share a ride.  Carpool participants are sharing commuter resources and/or taking turns driving. 

What information do I need to provide?

First and last name, email, gender, employer (optional), home address, destination address, and commute times.  Other users do not see or have access to your last name, home address, or email address.  We do not share your personal information with 3rd parties.

Can I customize my matching parameters?

Pace Rideshare has filters that allow you to narrow your search to coworkers, non-smokers, and same gender.  If you indicate that you are unable to drive, the site will only match you with others who are willing to drive.

What is the purpose of Zip Code matching on the Home page?

Zip Code matching is a quick way to see how many potential matches you have without having to register.  However, in order to match and contact specific users, you must register.

Why does the site ask for home (origin) departure time instead of work start time?

This is done to improve matching to our vanpools, as the system analyzes all of the vanpool stops and corresponding times and not just the work location start time.  Also, the purpose of a carpool trip does not have to be work related, and therefore may not have a 'work start time'.  Please be sure to enter the time you leave home as your departure/start time.  For the return trip, be sure to enter the time you leave work (or other location).

Once I register, how do I find my matches?

On the lower-right side of “My Page” click on the “Find Rideshare matches” button.  Your Commute Profile must be set to allow others to match with you in order for the “Find Rideshare matches” button to appear (this is the default setting).  To change your settings, click on “edit”, then check the “Allow others to match with you” box, then click “Save”.

Why am I not seeing matches to carpool groups?

Pace Rideshare matches you to other users, rather than carpools.  Those users may be in an existing carpool, or may be looking to form a new carpool.

How do I contact matches?

Click the “Email” link under the match you want to contact.  You can send the default message or edit it, and then click “Send”.  The message will appear in the user’s “message center” on the website, keeping both email addresses private.

How do I know if a user has contacted me?

You will receive an email notifying you that there is a new message in your “message center”, located at the top of all pages when you are logged in.  Due to email filters, it is possible the notification email gets blocked or ends up in your ‘junk/spam’ folder, so it is a good idea to check your message center periodically.

How do I join a Pace vanpool that I matched to?

When you click on “view details” you will be given instructions to email a Pace representative.  Pace will contact the vanpool driver and then contact you with a determination if the vanpool is able to accommodate your request and further details on how to join.

What if I don’t have any matches?

First, review your commute profile by clicking “edit” to see if you can be more flexible with times or increase your search distance.   Or, remove preference filters that are not mandatory.  Then, click “Save” and check your matches page again.  If you still don’t have matches, check back weekly as other users are joining all the time!  Also, discussing ridesharing with your co-workers or HR department is another option. 

How do I find others commuting from Wisconsin to work in Illinois? 

Wisconsin commuters traveling to employment in Illinois could broaden their search for a carpool or vanpool match by registering on both our website and Rideshare Etc., online ridematching service for Wisconsin. Commuters working in Illinois could possibly create or join an existing Pace Vanpool.  

Why don’t you list all vanpool routes?

Due to staff limitations and consideration to our vanpool drivers, we are only able to accommodate contacting vanpools that have been verified by the system as matches.

What is the difference between my account profile and my commute profile(s)?

Your account profile contains information about you such as name, email, password, notification settings, etc.  Your commute profile contains information about your commute such as times and locations.  You have only one account profile, but can have multiple commute profiles; for example, if you have two jobs.  Because they are independent, changes made to account profile do not affect the commute profile(s) and vice/versa.

What is Pace’s role regarding carpools?

Beyond matching users, Pace has no involvement in the operation of a carpool group.  It is up to the participants to determine meeting location(s), times, who will drive, cost-sharing arrangements, etc.  For your convenience, we have some resources that maybe helpful including a map that shows the locations of IL park & ride lots.

Does the site have a Help section?

On some pages, there is a “How do I” link that lists various help topics.  For tips on creating your commute profile visit the Commuter Profile Assistance page (must be logged in).