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Share a Carpool

Join together for a better commute.


Carpooling is a rideshare arrangement between two or more people who travel together in a private vehicle. The commuters typically travel to and from work or school. A carpool group could use one designated driver's car and pay the driver a portion of the costs, or, the group could rotate drivers and vehicles without exchanging money. A Pace carpool is not the same as ride hailing where riders pay a driver using a distance-based fee, mobile app and arrange a one-time trip in one direction.

Commuters who carpool with just one other person can reduce their commuting expenses by almost half, potentially saving thousands of dollars each year. Use our calculator to see how much money you can save.

create an account

To begin carpooling on a regular basis or as a one-time rider, create a profile to begin your search for a group to join. If you are already carpooling or you want to become a new carpool driver, learn more.

Start a carpool

Many carpools form when co-workers, classmates or neighbors see that they have the same commute. Other carpools are created through the Pace RideShare Program using our online ridematch system, which looks at travel times and geographic locations. Pace RideShare staff can also help with finding commuters through the Pace RideShare's social media, analysis of commuter data and outreach to employer and academic partners in the region. All of this Pace RideShare Program assistance is absolutely free.

Once you have a group of interested commuters, the next step is to discuss the details of operation.

Please note that Pace is not involved in the operation of a carpool. It is up to the participants to determine meeting locations, times, drivers, cost-sharing arrangements, etc. Note that the website does not collect any payment or charge a fee. All transactions occur offline.

For your convenience, review these tips on forming a rideshare group and park & ride locations.

Through promoting Pace RideShare at your workplace, our staff can encourage rideshare formations.
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