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Find a One-Time Ride

Enjoy a single bus or train ride or schedule a ride in a carpool one trip at a time. It's so convenient!

The transit search will show you available CTA, Metra and Pace Bus service. The carpool and bike partner searches could connect you to other commuters for planning a trip. Once you create a user profile, you can use all the features of the carpool and bike partner search.


For public transportation searches, enter your commute information and select the day and time you would like to arrive at the destination.

Walk to transit (mi) – means the number of miles that you are open to walking or biking to and from a transit stop or station. Please note that it takes about 20 minutes to walk one mile and 10 minutes to bike one mile

If you click on a section in the route details, it will highlight that portion of the trip on the map.


The Pace RideShare software will help pair up and connect commuters to discuss one-way or one-time carpooling. All trip arrangements are created so the driver is traveling their regular commute while inviting others to join in. One-time carpools are designed to reduce the number of cars on the road and to decrease the number of vehicle miles traveled in our region.

You must register or sign-in to view contact information. Then, you can directly discuss details about the commute and possible costs by exchanging email addresses. You may need to check your spam folder for any messages.

Pace RideShare one-time rides are not the same as ride-hailing where transportation services are requested using real-time maps to track the driver and payment is offered through the app. Please note that Pace RideShare does not hire drivers, conduct background checks, offer online payment or real-time maps showing where the drivers or riders are located. Pace RideShare also does not charge a fee or collect money for the one-time ride arrangement. All commute and payment arrangements are set up between the driver and rider.