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Welcome to pace rideshare

Share the ride. Share the fun.

You have two commuter choices. You can travel alone or share a ride. Shared commuting involves sharing experiences, saving money and living healthier.

Ridesharing on a regular basis allows you to reduce the depreciation of your own vehicle and may eliminate the need to own a car. It also fosters new friendships, networking and reduces stress.

plan your commute

Plan Your Commute

Learn about your bus, train, Pace Vanpool, carpool, bike and walk options. Request a one-time carpool ride. Calculate your savings.

Create a Pool

Create a Pool

Become a Pace Vanpool driver on the way to work or be a carpool driver on a regular basis or for one-time rides.

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Connect with us on Social Media

Get commuter news, photos, and more. Join our Facebook Chat Groups.