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Comments and Thoughts

The Pace RideShare Program assists commuters with getting around Northwestern Illinois by bus, biking/walking, carpooling, Pace Vanpooling and train. Our services include providing travel information, online ridematching and encouragement to commuters.

Pace Suburban Bus oversees the Pace Vanpooling and aims to operate a safe Pace Vanpool Program. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to Pace because they highlight opportunities to improve the quality of this service.

To make it easier for you to provide feedback, it might help to know that the Pace Vanpool Program consists of five different types of service:

  • Traditional – An affordable shared commute for traveling to and from work in groups of 4 or more. Pace provides a van and services include fuel, maintenance, insurance, tolls, roadside assistance and more. Drivers are volunteer participants within the group.
  • Feeder – Pace vans are available for the first or last mile connection to and from bus, train, and park-n-ride locations on the way to work. Employees set up service with Pace and volunteer to drive.
  • Employer Shuttle – Pace Bus supplies vans to employers, who in turn provide the drivers and pay a monthly fee to Pace, to offer employees first and last mile connections between public transportation and worksites.
  • Not-For-Profit Shuttle – The employer shuttle offered at a Not-For-Profit rate. Not-For-Profit organizations can arrange with Pace to access vans for transporting employees and/or clients between the workplace and public transportation stops. Drivers are hired by the not-for-profit organization.
  • Advantage Vehicle Program – A Not-For-Profit organization can arrange with Pace to access vans for transporting clients with disabilities between work sites and job training. Drivers are hired by the not-for-profit agency.

Please take a few moments and provide your input by using the below link to send comments about the Pace Vanpool Program.